Boxing Slang for Pulp adventures

circusfistsGiven the prevalence of boxers and ex-boxers in pulp fiction. I’ve found it useful to keep these boxing jargon dictionaries handy whenever I run a pulp game:

The image is from Circus Fists (link to actual story)  – a fun Robert E. Howard story about his boxing sailor hero Sailor Steve Costigan.

Costigan would make an excellent PC in any pulp game.


Justice Inc. – Character Sheet

justiceI’ve got an old copy of Justice Inc., the Hero System Pulp game that’s been sitting on my shelf for years. The PDF of the game recently became available, so I’m thinking about giving it another try. It’s a little crunchier than the games I usually play, but I still get a little twinge of nostalgia from the old Hero games, so I’m planning on running a few one-shots.

To prepare for my game I’ve created a fillable PDF of the character sheet. It’ll do most of the basic calculations for the characteristics and totaling up the disadvantage and skill costs.


To test it I used the sample character at the beginning of the Justice Inc. book – Derek Harrison III






Pulp Stuff: What’s this for?

This site is where I plan to explore my interest in pulp-era role playing games. I’m considering looking at some of the following topics:
  • Various pulp genres (especially some of the more obscure ones) and how to use them as source material in a RPG.
  • I’ve been trying various systems for pulp games, and I’ll probably post my thoughts on some of them.
  • Exploring different pulp characters, and trying to write them up in various systems.
  • Other random pulp-related nonsense.