I’m a big fan of both the pulp genre and the role playing games based on them. I’m keeping this blog as a place to collect some of my gaming ideas and pulp interests.

Pulp, in this sense, refers to the cheap, mass produced magazines of the early Twentieth Century. They were named for the cheap paper they were printed on.

The stories were generally simple tales of action and adventure. Though a few good (even great) writers came out of the pulps, many of them weren’t very well written. Today, they are more remembered for their lurid cover art than the contents.

Despite this, I think there’s still a lot of value in the old pulps, not just for the entertainment value, but as inspiration for modern role-playing games.

There were whole constellations of heroes and villains, now mostly forgotten, that would make great source material for a role playing game.

If you know of any pulp gaming links or stuff I’ve missed, feel free to contact me. I’m always pleased to hear from pulp and pulp RPG fans.