Lightning League: A Character Sheet for a Pulp RPG

Polyhedral Nonsense

At the designer’s request, I’ve created a fillable character sheet for Lightning League, an action/adventure pulp RPG by Robert Garitta.

The players are two-fisted heroes in the pulp tradition, who are all members of the Lightning League, “an International
organization of inventors, explorers and heroes”, operating in the years after WWII.

The default setting is the fictional Burroughs Islands, a chain of islands in the South Pacific, full of Axis holdovers, mad scientists, pirates, and all manner of possible pulp adversaries.

There’s already some support for the setting and game, as can be seen in this DriveThruRPG bundle for Lightning League.


Lightning League uses the Quantum Engine ruleset. It’s the same one that powers Barbaric! It’s loosely based on the Traveller-based Cepheus Engine system.

The basic mechanic is simple – roll 2d6 and add the appropriate skill. 8+ rolls succeed.

Lightning League uses the basic Quantum Engine…

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